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Fly High! August 7, 2010

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Follow these steps to learn how to fly around your condo .

1.1 Go to your condo

1.2 Check in your condo inventory if you have a “Volla Bunk bed 4

1.3 If not, go to Shop BedsDeluxe. It’s only 2,900 coins

2.1 Put it in your condo and make it as big as possible

2.2 Sit on it

3.1 Click Move Item

3.2 Delete the bed

3.3 Deselect Move Item

4.1 Have fun flying in you condo and amazing you friends! :P



Greedy, as usual August 3, 2010

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If you havn’t realised, you have to be a resident to use the august key things.  >.<


New codes

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Monthly not released yet


I have made a supreme return! July 29, 2010

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I was just playing a whole bunch of other games the whole time and raging a protest! Now ourworld will notice my protest and make the game much MUCH better.

Ugoboy: Nothing has changed, has it?

Superlady101:  Not really, no.

So umm..Yea! pretty much says it in the title   ^_^


March 1st code March 1, 2010

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Good day today:



ourWorld Official Toolbar

Can’t download?

Oh, don’t forget to cheek your crew items – they arrive today!


New Island!

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New Island!!!

This is a glimpse of the new Island BEAT STREET - clearly for ANi


Anyway…there’s gonna be :

  • Otto’s shop in starlight’s getting some new gear
  • New challenge giver in wonderland
  • Wishlists other people can view them aswell
  • And a bunch of new games!

OUT ON THE 8 OF MARCH! – Click here or more!


22 feb code February 22, 2010

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Here’s the code:


If you can’t download?


Could be updates February 21, 2010

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This pic is how OW looks might change


Old cheat

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Old cheat:

type test-mode 42

hit enter

now type cryptobiologist

hit enter again

 You can use it once a day & get 3 more flow each day. The first time you try it you get 10 flow. The second time – 13.

You can get up to 100 FLOW!

 This is old cheat but some people still don’t know about it


15 feb code February 16, 2010

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1. March Chesire Cats

There was tiger stuff and now there will be cat stuff!


Scooters -> level 50+

Vehicles -> level 60+


  • wonderland theme – residents only
  • wacky enchantments
  • Live helpSuperlady101’s volonter, she could answer you!


click here for pictures


feb 08 code February 8, 2010

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…wait for it…

After the next update you can’t use noob account to give yourself  clothing gifts unless you buy somethin off them xP – oW love there money >_<


Updates February 2, 2010

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If you don’t want me to spoilt it, scrool down


  • Jet packs! – that’s right (lvl 100)
  • Awesome hoverboards and skate boards
  • New outfits for valentine’s day
  • Find people you know
  • and three new games!
  • All of this on the 8th – Click here for more

01 Feb code February 1, 2010

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I’m not in skl this week so…

(10 gems) E062-7F73-bed39c9a

Use “Goplay” if you’ve got the toolbar…

or use “″ if you can’t download or jst to lazy :P


3000 hits Contest January 29, 2010

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Simple really….

If you are on the blog and on the side bar it says “3000 hits and counting” then you’re the lucky winner of …


Everyone has a chance to win!

If you DID win the take a screen shot:
On the Top – right of your keyboard should be a Print Screen botton. Press it, go on paint. Click on edit then paste. Save the pic and sent it to this email

If  it’s past 3000 hits and the winner isn’t announced still print your screen and send it. –  You could still win!

More contests


Jan 25th Code January 25, 2010

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Download the toolbar, then click Go Play

Or you can use Track Toolbar to use the code

To superlady: Plz don’t quit


Updates January 24, 2010

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Still upset about the codes




Little sneak peek:

You can buy it now!

 New shop design! 



Free tiger bed for all residents


Missed 90 gems :(

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Turns out there were 3 codes this week each worth 30 gems xP

(30 gems) 1ac1bca3adc7a0e-c

(30 gems) 487509162448a42-4

(30 gems) e4d5cd35308a813-a

Thats 90 gems! *$!*%

They expired in one day. srry guyz :(

And this was an error so it won’t happen again….


18 jan code January 18, 2010

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sorry this is a little late:



If it doesn’t work click this link and try again.


Bonus Code! January 15, 2010

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Hope this really helps:

711a-362b6c8CD583 (10 gems)

Use it before it expires!

If you’re having trouble using it click this link and try again.

Check out the Gem Codes.

P.S: If you don’t already know this but there will be a Bonus code every month and it works throughout the month so you got a long time to use it. xD


Jan 11 code January 11, 2010

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965F-ac4acB6D-43FAm( 10 gems)

Click here if you can’t download the toolbar or thinks it slowws down your comp.

Can’t wait till nevermore!


The first code for 2010! January 4, 2010

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A new year…A new code…


 If you have problems using the code:

~click here~

The thing is that they want you to download the toolbar and lauch Ow from the toolbar.(crazy)


I just gave you the link so you don’t have to downoad it – REMEMBER TO BOOKMARK IT! ;)


28 Dec Code December 28, 2009

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Early moring code:

(10 gems) f18a1b4d-43366237

Thats 10 Gems

Visit the Gem Codes Page for more


Nevermore December 27, 2009

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You know thew mystyrious new Island I was talking about, well it’ll be called nevermore.

Remember – it’s not yet on OW.


Check the Updates Page for more…


21 dec code December 21, 2009

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(10 gems) e281328D-6A61A8C7

Was actually availabe on Sunday…lol

To see  history go on the Gem Codes page


New Island! December 18, 2009

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This is sure to get people talking, a new Island and some forums are coming to OW!

What could it be???

For more, visit the updates page


Updates December 15, 2009

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There’s a new mytrey box, crew decals, some new games and a new menu.

for more go to the updates page…


Dec 14 Code December 14, 2009

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New: 1BCA-2786-1686-EdCd (10 gems)

To see  history go on the Gem Codes page.


Extra code for Wednesday

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Wierd but there was an extra 10 gems code on wednesday

E84E1A36-8500f265 (10 gems)

xD – Didn’t know till today….wonder if there’s more…


Dec 07 Code December 7, 2009

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New: 9533-61169f5f8aec (10 gems)

To see the history go on the Gem Codes page.


DancePlanet /multiplayer help December 4, 2009

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You may have realised the when ever you play dance planet it freeses but the way to beat it is to refresh, right-click your browser and, rollover quality and a list should say low, medium and high.

If high or medium is ticked, click on low. I know your avatar may look gross but it’s the only way. And you can alway put it back on high or medium when your doing something else but a simple trick. ;)

P.S: It will not make it NOT freese but ill make it a longer time BEFORE it fresses.

Good luck



Nov 30 Code November 30, 2009

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New: C04F-c161-3a32-DD1A (10 gems)

To see the history go on the Gem Codes page.


Nov 23 Code November 23, 2009

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New Code: 411e-23E7-Fd62-E16f (10 gems)

To see the history go on the Gem Codes page.


Future Updates

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Quick reminder:

There are gonna be some updates coming up so go on the updates page to find out about it.


Nov 09 November 7, 2009

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Ice skates xD

Updates in otto parts


Stay in touch to see if we get new skateboards and hoverboards!

November Baby Theme

Useful, in a way…


Make yourelf baby, toddler, kindergarden or kid sized.

(15 mins – 675 coins)


Thats it people


Free Moves! October 11, 2009

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Hey, today i got da light rollerblades with 32 gemz and i relised ther wher som most i could bye coz i got it but they cost 5 gemz each and i had 4 so i clicked on them 2 c wot will happen and i sill bough it. it worked!the moves are jump, Spin,and twirl. cool huh?

P.S. when u refresh u lose da moves :,(


me on lastcookie? October 6, 2009

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Hi guyz! i was browsig the net ysterday and i was lookin for a pic of myself then I came across this.its a picture of me and its from lastcookies blog.wonder y? anyway the page it came from needed a password so its still a mystery…



Chat!!! October 5, 2009

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We can now chat to all the ppl dat are at this blog

Get your own Chat Box! Go Large!


Stupid update October 2, 2009

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“I woz in da middle of somthin and then UPDATES. they beta b gud! but they should work on updates dat u dont have 2 go off the game like CP updates .can’t wait till there don!”

Jst after i did dat i cheeked again and da only update is the get friends thing XO.But atleast it woz quick.


Gem Mining Tip September 27, 2009

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When your gem mining dont do it though the referral code thing coz it dont work . it only workz when you mak an account through it and becom a resident then u get 1000 gemz(i think). So if your plannin to make a new account dats a resident do it though the referral code.



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