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How To Get Coins On ourWorld. August 3, 2009

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Getting coins on ourWorld is actually really easy.

You could:

  • Sell old clothes and furniture.
  • Play games to earn flow, Then use the flow. I heard Fish Dome gives you a lot of flow.
  • Buy the flow battery to help you with the choice before this one.
  • Get the ourWorld toolbar to get the weekly coin code.
  • Buy the coin box ( Or ask a friend to send it to you)
  • In the chat box type in Test-mode 42, press enter, Type cryptobiologist, and Press Enter. This should give you some flow.

Hope we’ll run into each other in the cyber world.

Luna La Hermosa


Updated ” How to get coins in ourWorld”


47 Responses to “How To Get Coins On ourWorld.”

  1. ugoboy Says:

    Yea, or try get 100 flo or mor (my highest 126) then use it it gives yu loadz of kool stuff worth loadz of money and i got 12,000 coinz from it!

  2. Lipgloss Says:

    I sell my stuff

    • superlady101 Says:

      good idea but there might be some ppl that really need coins and they might now want to sell they’re stufff dont u think my suggestion is better for that reason?

    • Jaziba Saleem Baloch Says:

      Yeah! i sold my clothes! And with that money i bought more new clothes. πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

  3. chloe labrum Says:

    hi im on ourworld so if u want to ask to be my friend then just send byxx
    im on level 27

  4. Kathy Says:

    Ok. I used to have 500 flows and got thousands of coins and spent them on the marketplace. Now im level 27. :\

    • superlady101 Says:

      OMG 500 FLOW ! i never heard of that much flow at one time ever! and especially i love the big amounts of coins when you have hundreds of flow well maybe i should start a page on here to show the biggest amounts of flow and list the names of people that earned that amount of flow….. THANKS FOR THE SPECTACULAR IDEA!

      • annasyara Says:

        i once got 1,789 flow.. but i spent it xD im level 79… remember me superlady? we used to hate eachother. :I i hAve 112,000 coinz. i did that by saving lots of flow, and then getting the coinz, and then not spending them. i really want to get the daily jackpot. do u know any cheats?


      • superlady101 Says:

        Lolz Anna you crack me up! (we use to hate each other) nice way to put it! ROFL!!!

      • Cxii Tinax3 Says:

        Ive had 999 flow before i went from level 20 to level 60 it was amazing!

      • Superlady101 Says:

        Thats’s amazing!

      • Sup Says:

        But i need them now! I have this outfite i really like but i dont have gems for it and some of them u cant even buy with gems now! My name is kaity911 if u what to friend me! And if u could gift me even better!!!!!

  5. alison3660 Says:

    i was new on ourworld and spent all of mi coinz and gems and i found like 16 ways to get gems and coins and got 17,050 coins and 230 gems it was awesome..

  6. Omega Skyline Says:

    -Rewritten for people who actually want to be able to read this:

    Since some of you are new, you probably don’t know how to get coins. In the beginning; when you join, you get a couple hundred coins but after you use the coins you had; or even before you finish them, you just want to β€œcash in” some more.
    You can:
    Play games to earn flow or coins
    Sell items in your inventory.
    To level up, click the bottom left circle that says β€œflow” and however many you have and choose from either the following: Bubbler, Daily Jackpot or Prize Wheel.
    Good luck!

  7. […] IT WAS JUST ALL WRONG! If you want to see it click here […]

  8. alakia3 Says:

    hi i am alakia from ourworld im on lvl 25 and i only need bout 7 flow to lvl up but i haf a question about the test mode and the cryptobiologist ding i keep on tryin it but it dont work do u think im doin somding rong?

    • Babydoll10301 Says:

      No u aren’t, it only works once a day.

      Here are instructions:

      Capital ‘T’ for Test, lower case for ‘e’, ‘s’ and second ‘t’.

      Then hyphen, then in all lowercase letters put mode.

      Then SPACE AND PUT IN 42!!!

      Now press enter.

      Now for the Cryptobiologist part.


      Capital ‘C’, then lowercase ‘r’, ‘y’, ‘p’, ‘t’, ‘o’, ‘b’, ‘i’, ‘o’, ‘l’, ‘o’, ‘g’, ‘i’, ‘s’ and ‘t’.

      You should say,

      ‘Anything and Everything?’, that is what OW makes u say when the cheat works.

      I got 8 flow wen it worked 4 me.

      • Faria Says:

        You dont HAVE to do capital “T” for test-mode 42 and capital “C” for cryptobiologist. You can do it lowercase.

        And it doesn’t ALWAYS say “Anything and Everything?”. It also says “Why do cows fly at night” or “Beam me up, Scotty!”.

        You dont ALWAYS get eight flow. You do it everyday and it increases by five flow.


    • sKy_rEz x3 Says:

      if your doing an emote like spinner and typing test-mode 42 cryptobiologist it wont work dancing and typing test-mode 42 wont work because you can’t earn flow at the same time and check your spelling too it might be cryphtobiologist or something

  9. Rye Rye Says:

    πŸ™‚ 😦 i am a not lucky bunny

  10. Sick hell Says:

    Wow!! u never heard of 500 flows >_> well hear this i had 90,000

  11. Sugarluv7783 Says:

    Just download the tool bar for coins and it gives you coin codes every week! I got it. It gives you like 20,000 coins!!!!!! You know you can ALSO talk and dance to get flow and get lots of flow. BTW say test-mode 42 and then enter. And then type in cryptobiologist. It gives you tons of flow and I level up quickly even though I’m not a resident!! Use my advice!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  12. princessalex Says:

    i got millions of coins

  13. omg i need coins want a rezz pass

  14. ask me gems codes and coin box ill give them to u

  15. Nielle x3 Says:

    you can earn alot of money by selling the stuffs that you bought with gems like you dont want to wear it anymore like i sold my ruffle shoes it’s just about 7 gems but you can get 6,000 but i know its only 6,000 atleast that you have the money, you will earn a small amount when you buy it with coins like earmuffs it’s worth of 13,600 then when you bought it will go 1,352 when your gonna sell it and another way is Coin Fountain! i had 4 coin fountains (inventory) and my money was only 4,380 πŸ˜› it turn into 68,000 or 60,000 i forgot, to get the coin fountain code either gem code go to

  16. xXxSweetxXx Says:

    Coin Tip.

    1.) When You Level up it not only gives you clothes + coins but it gives you furniture.
    usually people dont go to their house to sell it ALL THE TIME.
    So Afteer a few levels And Or flow exchanges Take a look in your Furniture Inventory And Sell Unneeded Stuff

    Flow Glitch

    2.) Okay Press “Bust a Move” (it should be on ur Right Hand Side) then Press tab until the Yellow Box Gets on a Move (Doesn’t Have to be a certain one) Then Get Your Enter key Stuck. Then Leave the Room For 30 mins – 2 hrs and you should have TONS OF FLOW!

    Gem Cheat(s)

    3.) Go To Account Upgrade. Then Click user settings ( Below Become a Resident ) And in User Setting it says “Verify Email And Get 10 Gems Free!” Enter Username and in The Email It Should Say “Verify account” Click on that Or The Link. Then Customize Your Parental Settings And Click Done! If You Haven’t Already Doen This it Will give You 10 Gems (Doesn’t Work Twice It Tried IT)
    4.) Again Go to Account Upgrade then Click user Settings. Then Go To Sharing. it Should SAy Invite YOur Friends. Click On That. It Should Show your Refferal Code. Copy it. Open another Tab.Go to youtube. Search Club Penguins , Webkinz , Secret Builders , Moshi MOnsters , Pandanda, Exct. And Post It Every Were! (EXCEPT ANY OW VIDEOS) YOu CAn Post On Websites If You Wish. Then People Will Hopefully Have More Gems ( Sometimese I dont even post my refferal Code on Virtual Site i put it on Viral Videos Or Common Sites!)

    5.) Next to your friends it should say invite friends click that. Then Send ANY gift then Type Your Email. Then Write a random name (Rob Works For Protective Chat ^_~) Then To make it Look Real Write Something Like Can’t Wait To See You, _____ . Then After About 5 Minutes Check Your Email. You Should have an ourworld Email . CLICK THEN LINK AND ONLY THE LINK! then Click “New PLayer” at Our world. Make The Noob A Differant Gender then You.Then Get On. Get to The Highest level You Can. Then Get Gems ON The Noob Save. If YOu haven’t Gotten to lvl 25 yet Buy a Flo Battery. Or Save up for One. Then Use All the codes u can! ( Last Cookies a good One!) Then Gift Yourself!!! And Send The Noobs Heart To You!

    6.) Sign Up For a Random Contest Then Get to round 1. Ow. Should Send You an email sayijng Congrats you made it to lvl 1! INvite a friend To vote for you! Click on that. theen follow steps of Number 5. starting at sentence 2.
    Your Welcome I hope this helped!!!
    If you have any questions Comment or mail Me The Question. My Name is xXxSweetxXx
    If you think i did Good PLease Gift
    PS” Some ONly Work Every Week Or atleast 5, and 6. do i haven’t Proofed the others yet! Thanks Again Bye!

  17. I iEatChildren I Says:

    O__o I had 998 once it took a while for me to spend it and sell the things i got -___-

  18. RachelAnn407 Says:

    i need coins but i dont have the time to play games to earn flo or get coins 😦
    you guys should friend me my name is RachelAnn407

  19. hryjokryoij Says:

    i think the quickist way is to write test-mode 42 then cryptobiologist then you get flow hen spend it on the small, medium or big bubbles to get coins in the popping those circle thingy hope this helped!!! πŸ™‚

  20. iKaylee x3 [this is also my ourworld name] Old name is xXxSweetxXx, and yes i have posted info before on this site! Says:

    1. If you’re a resident, If you find a golden or silver key on the date the key unlocks if you open a box that contains a ‘Wishing Star’ You get at least 200 flow (200-1000 Flow charge) , or if you’re a tourist get gifted, or bought a ‘Flow Battery’ ( 25 – 200 Flow Charge ). But you can also join a crew, and you might get to the top of your elavator! (witch also give you a flow battery)

    2.Type: test-mode 42. Press enter. Type: Cryptobiologist Press Enter. You will get five extra flows, do this daily and it increases by three every time! (and then spend flow (: )

    3. Sell a rare that you don’t like, Sell it for about 300,000 – 10,000 at ‘Marketplace’ (available for residents only!)


  21. An Inspiration Says:

    hah i got 10 mil coins now and my max of flow is 5342

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