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Fly High! August 7, 2010

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Follow these steps to learn how to fly around your condo .

1.1 Go to your condo

1.2 Check in your condo inventory if you have a “Volla Bunk bed 4

1.3 If not, go to Shop BedsDeluxe. It’s only 2,900 coins

2.1 Put it in your condo and make it as big as possible

2.2 Sit on it

3.1 Click Move Item

3.2 Delete the bed

3.3 Deselect Move Item

4.1 Have fun flying in you condo and amazing you friends! 😛



Greedy, as usual August 3, 2010

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If you havn’t realised, you have to be a resident to use the august key things.  >.<


New codes

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Monthly not released yet


I have made a supreme return! July 29, 2010

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I was just playing a whole bunch of other games the whole time and raging a protest! Now ourworld will notice my protest and make the game much MUCH better.

Ugoboy: Nothing has changed, has it?

Superlady101:  Not really, no.

So umm..Yea! pretty much says it in the title   ^_^


March 1st code March 1, 2010

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Good day today:



ourWorld Official Toolbar

Can’t download?

Oh, don’t forget to cheek your crew items – they arrive today!


New Island!

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New Island!!!

This is a glimpse of the new Island BEAT STREET clearly for ANi


Anyway…there’s gonna be :

  • Otto’s shop in starlight’s getting some new gear
  • New challenge giver in wonderland
  • Wishlists other people can view them aswell
  • And a bunch of new games!

OUT ON THE 8 OF MARCH! – Click here or more!


22 feb code February 22, 2010

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Here’s the code:


If you can’t download?